Personal Injury Attorneys for Northern Colorado

If you have been injured, there are numerous issues that you will need to consider with legal counsel. Among them are payment of your medical expenses, your rehabilitation, dealing with insurance adjusters, and collecting from the person who hurt you. You need someone familiar with the system and who is prepared to handle “the bumps” in your path to recovery.

We do not handle personal injury cases on a mass production basis aimed at quick, discounted settlements. We believe in the cases we take, and if a trial is necessary to recover fair damages, we have an experienced and capable trial team.

Our attorneys and staff walk our clients through the claims and litigation process. We assist our clients in identifying and collecting evidence and advise them on the strength of their claims and the best means of advocating their case. Our goal is simple: achieve the best possible result for our personal injury clients through dispute resolution, litigation, trial, or appeal.

We welcome the opportunity to personally discuss with you your specific legal needs. Please contact our office directly to schedule a consultation.