Business Formation, Planning, & Operation Assistance for Northern Colorado Entrepreneurs

Whether a sole proprietor, corporation, partnership, joint venture, or limited liability company, we provide counseling at the inception of business endeavors and during their operational life to evaluate, document, and structure business entities and relationships for the best business outcomes. There are lots of little things that go into running a business, and we provide assistance to many businesses and business owners on a variety of business issues, from tackling simple challenges to developing complex strategies.

Our business lawyers provide Northern Colorado residents with a wide range of contract and transactional services, often assisting with asset purchases or sales agreements between members or shareholders, or the unwinding or expansion of existing business relations.

Our attorneys work with you and your accountant to identify key issues and objectives, and to evaluate preferred options and alternatives. While we will use technology and templates to increase efficiency, we do not believe in selling you a “packaged” form document.

We want you to understand your options and prepare an entity focused on your business and financial goals. We explain complex contracts, corporate documents, and operating agreements in plain, understandable terms so that you can choose what you actually intend.

We welcome the opportunity to personally discuss with you your specific legal needs. Please contact our office directly to schedule a consultation.